VITRAKVI is a prescription medicine that is used to treat adults and children with solid tumors (cancer) that are caused by certain abnormal NTRK genes and have spread, or if surgery to remove their cancer is likely to cause severe complications, and there is no acceptable treatment option or the cancer grew or spread on other treatment.


Your healthcare provider will perform a test to make sure that VITRAKVI is right for you.


It is not known if VITRAKVI is safe and effective in children younger than 28 days of age.

VITRAKVI was approved through a faster FDA review process based on the percentage of patients whose tumor size shrank or disappeared after treatment and how long that response lasted. There are ongoing studies to confirm the benefit of VITRAKVI for this use.

VITRAKVI is an oral medicine that is not a chemotherapy

  • VITRAKVI is the first medicine specifically designed to block TRK proteins

  • VITRAKVI is thought to work by blocking these proteins and stopping cancer cells from growing, but the exact way VITRAKVI works is unknown
  • VITRAKVI can work in a variety of solid tumor types as long as the tumor is caused by an NTRK gene fusion

How VITRAKVI works in TRK fusion cancer

In some types of cancer, NTRK genes abnormally join with, or fuse to, other genes, which produces TRK fusion proteins. These TRK fusion proteins can cause cancer cells to grow. When an NTRK gene fusion is found as the cause, this kind of cancer can also be called “TRK fusion cancer.”

The only way to find out if you have TRK fusion cancer is to test for it.

How does VITRAKVI work?


NTRK gene joins with
another gene


Abnormal fusion causes TRK fusion proteins to be
produced continually

tumor grow

TRK fusion proteins can signal cancer cells to grow

turn off

It is believed that VITRAKVI turns off the signal that causes TRK fusion cancer to grow*

FDA, Food and Drug Administration.

*The way VITRAKVI acts in the body was determined from examining cells in a lab.