41 out of 55 patients had a response to treatment

A response* means that the cancer reduced in size and/or completely disappeared. Responses were analyzed across 3 clinical trials in 55 adults and children with TRK fusion cancer.

75% Response Rate
25% (14 patients) had a complete response, which means that their large tumors reduced in size and were able to be removed by surgery or disappeared completely
49% (27 patients) had a partial response, which means that their target tumors reduced in size by 30% or more

How long patients responded to treatment at time of analysis

  • In patients who had their tumors disappear or shrink, responses lasted for a median of 32.9 months, with a range of 1.6+ months and 50+ months§

  • 63% of patients had a response that lasted more than 12 months

  • 49% of patients had a response that lasted more than 24 months

  • The median time it took patients to respond to treatment was less than 2 months

*A response is a sum of partial response and complete response. Partial response is defined as a reduction in size of target tumors by 30% or more and complete response is defined as complete disappearance of all target tumors.

5% were patients who had a partial response and were able to have surgery to be disease free when the study data was analyzed.

The median is the middle number in a group of numbers.

§The duration of response is how long the response to treatment lasted.

Range: 0.95 month to 14.55 months.